I am excited to announce that we now offer the ability for people to give online through You can do this one of two ways. You can go to our “Donation” page and click the button “Click Here oo Give Online” or if you have a smart phone, you can download the app for and give through that.

If you choose to give online through our website, the process is very simple and takes about 2-3 minutes. After you click on the “Give” button, another screen will pop up and that is where you input your giving information. If you do it online, you DO NOT need to create a login or sign up. Simply begin filling out the information. You can choose to give via a credit card, debit card, or checking account. There is a minimal fee charged for giving online. This fee can come out of your gift or you can choose to cover the fee. As an example, for a $100 gift, the fee would be $3.60, so the church would get $96.40 if you choose to cover the fee, and you would pay $103.60. After putting in all of your information and clicking the”Give” button, another screen pops up confirming that you want to make a gift to Faith Lutheran Church. After clicking the “OK” button, it processes your request and opens another window. Once your gift is processed, you will receive an email confirmation. You can choose to give a “one time” gift or you can select “recurring” giving.

If you choose to give through the app on your phone, you will have to do a few more steps such as creating a login ID and password for safety reasons.

This method of giving is not replacing anything, it is an additional way. If you would prefer to continue giving by mailing or dropping off a check, you can still do that. With the current state of our world, there are some people who are uncomfortable leaving their homes. This method of giving provides them the opportunity to give from the security of their home.

If you try to give online and have any questions or issues with it, please call the office and either Barb or myself will try to help you. The office number is 419-332-6820, Monday through Thursday from 9 to 4 p.m.

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