Greetings children of God.

John 15:16 “You did not choose me but I chose you.”

Rabbis mentor students preparing for the rabbinate, and prospective students seek rabbis to become their mentors. The greater the rabbi, the more students seek his assistance. Jesus, however, tells his disciples that he has chosen them.

It’s a great honor to apprentice under a great rabbi, so we would assume that Jesus has chosen the brightest and best, but we would be wrong. These disciples hardly qualify as quick to learn. Instead the Gospels present them to us as slow, a bit thick-headed, weak of faith, sometimes denying, sometimes doubting. A few, such as Peter, James, and John, will become prominent, but even they often veer off course. Most will remain obscure. One will betray Jesus.

We wonder what Jesus was thinking when he chose this very ordinary, fallible group of disciples. And yet, the growth of the first-century church shows that Jesus chose well or that he empowered well. These disciples will do great things, not because they are great, but because the one who empowers them is great.

There’s an important lesson here for us to learn. God chooses whom God chooses. God empowers whom God empowers. A quick glance around the typical congregation shows that God has not chosen the brightest and the best. Most Godly work is done by ordinary people distinguished by only one characteristic; they have given God their heart. That should encourage all of us. It should also make us hesitant to judge any person’s potential. The star athlete and the valedictorian might be too full of self to be much heavenly good. The person who seems to have the least to offer might be the person that God chooses to transform the world. God chooses whom God chooses. God doesn’t call the able, God enables the called.

Next Sunday, May 16 we will have our special congregational meeting after worship. The Church Council will be presenting the congregation with recommended improvement projects for the church. A vote is required. Please attend to hear about these exciting projects.

Blessings on your day,

Pastor Tim