Greetings children of God.

Mark 10:42-45 – So Jesus called them and said to them, ‘You know that among the Gentiles those whom they recognize as their rulers lord it over them, and their great ones are tyrants over them. But it is not so among you; but whoever wishes to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wishes to be first among you must be slave of all. For the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many.’”

How good are you at letting others help you or do for you? I’m good at doing for others and often times will do for others before I do for myself, but when it comes to letting others help me or do for me, I’m horrible at it. I pray every day that God will use me and that I can be a blessing to or for someone each day; sometimes my being a blessing to or for someone is allowing them to help or do for me. After reading this text, I couldn’t help but think of The Servant’s Song, “Will you let me be your servant, let me be as Christ to you? Pray that I may have the grace to let you be my servant, too. We are pilgrims on a journey, we are trav’lers on the road; we are here to help each other walk the mile and bear the load. I will hold the Christ-light for you in the nighttime of your fear; I will hold my hand out to you, speak the peace you long to hear. I will weep when you are weeping; when you laugh I’ll laugh with you. I will share your joy and sorrow till we’ve seen this journey through. Will you let me be your servant, let me be as Christ to you? Pray that I may have the grace to let you be my servant, too.We were created to be in community with each other, not to be alone or to go through life alone and when we take the time and make the effort to serve one another, it’s in those moments where Christ’s love shines the brightest.

Our congregational meeting is this Sunday October 17 in between services and will begin about 9:30am. Please note that we will only have one (1) meeting and it will be an in-person meeting only. We will not have a meeting after each service. We will vote for council members and on our budget. We hope to see you there.

We have candidates for each open spot on council with the exception of a Vice Presidential candidate. Many have been asked and have respectfully declined, stating they just don’t have the time this year. I understand and respect that but I would like to ask everyone to take a little time this week and pray about serving in this important role. As an FYI, when broken down, the amount of time required for this position is between 20-24 hours per year. I would also ask that you read the book of Esther. It’s a short read, being 6-10 pages depending on your Bible. In chapter 4, her Uncle Mordecai pleads with Esther (both of whom are Jews) to go to the King to stop the destruction of the Jewish people. Initially Esther says no, and then Mordecai says, “For if you keep silence at such a time as this, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another quarter, but you and your father’s family will perish. Who knows? Perhaps you have been called for just such a time as this.” Perhaps you have been called for just such a time as this.

On October 31, we will only have one worship service at 9am with a meal to follow afterwards which will include a history gathering as part of the Vision Teams efforts to gather information for revising our mission statement. We will look at a timeline of the existence of Faith Lutheran Church, highlighting significant events in the life of the congregation. Please join us for this meeting; your input is important as we may have missed something you would like to add to the timeline. There is a sign-up sheet in the coatroom to let us know how many will be attending so we can get the right amount of food.

Operation Christmas Child update – So far, 45 of our 200 boxes have been taken to be filled. That is a great start! We have 34 more days to fill the remaining 155 boxes. Each box will go to one child who has nothing and will provide them each with a wonderful Christmas that they would have never had if it wasn’t for your generosity. Thank you for being a part of something so wonderful and life changing.

Blessings on your day,

Pastor Tim